A trip to the HQ of our engine cleaning products – TUNAP Germany

Hello, everyone. Here’s a little blog about my recent trip to Bavaria, Munich in Germany, where TUNAP was established and the headquarters and main source of our dynamic engine cleaning products.

It was an overcast day, but still with warmth in the air when I arrived and plenty of sunshine. Collected at the airport by Björn and greeted with a traditional German sausage.

Lunch was had with a beer (of course) then it was off on a one-hour drive into the Bavarian Forest and Lakes to a place called Grainau. You will see that the TUNAP symbol is based on the Bavarian lakes and forest. (See photo)

On Sunday morning, we set off to see Sergei and Oliver bring home the flag at the Munich Marathon and this is where I met other international partners from Thailand, Argentina, and other members of the TUNAP Germany team. Björn’s city tour was well received by everyone and his knowledge and pride in his town shined.

On Monday morning, we arrived at the TUNAP headquarters and were introduced to other TUNAP staff, including two lovely people: Julia and Yunxin. Here, we were given a tour of the TUNAP factory in Wolfratshausen.

Later that day, we were treated to a very tasty home-cooked meal and then straight after lunch we got into some training involving the airco well and injector cleaning.

Tuesday was then arranged for myself and Jonathon Gysel to go to TUNAP Italia. It was a quick road trip through the Switzerland mountains and passes. Here, we were met by CEO Patrizia Kofler and was taken out for a lovely Italian meal in the Bolzano mountains.

On Wednesday morning, I headed off for Verona and had the pleasure of travelling with a leading sales representative, Nicolò, whose focus is purely based on heavy road transport workshops—all being OEM main dealerships and two OEM-approved partners: MAN, Mercedes, Iveco, Scania, DAF, just to name a few.

Once we made our rounds, Nicolò insisted we go eat lunch near Lake Garda, just a light lunch he tells me. (I needed a sleep afterwards.) That evening, I had a tour of the TUNAP Italia facility and then it was a lovely drive back to Munich across the Swiss Alps as the motorway had major delays.

Thursday morning, we had a few meetings and then I was able to play around with the direct injection machine (13310 injector cleaning machine) with Joni showing me the do’s and dont’s.

In the afternoon, after another beautiful lunch of pork belly with crackle (I went back for seconds), we got packed and went on our road trip to East Germany to meet the production and our loading team in Oberlichtenau.

We went out for dinner with Sebastian, the man who organises all my stock for Australia. It was great as I got to meet the man who I’ve been emailing for the last 18 months and got to tell him he’s doing a fantastic job. I finally got to thank him personally for his outstanding work.

On Friday, we had a tour of the TUNAP plant and were taken through the factory seeing all the products being filled and packed, ready for export.

Whilst in east Germany, I had the pleasure of meeting my shipper Tjardo Frei from Netcon. Netcon has organised all our shipments to Australia with outstanding customer service and up-to-date delivery times and professionalism. Netcon makes the whole process simple.

We had dinner with the TUNAP team and international partners to cap off the trip. It was a great week and well worth the trip—meeting new people and making new friends.

My main focus in business is building relationships with the people you’re working with and this trip to Europe reflected this. Relationships with your partners is key to any business. Without it, you wouldn’t have a business.

Thanks again to all the people I met in their beautiful countries. (Das ist mir wurst.)