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TUNAP Professional: new cleaning standard for daily engine maintenance

Products for all your engine maintenance and cleaning needs, including liquid grease and active oils, to name a few. TUNAP manufactures a range of products to support businesses across a broad spectrum of industries. This includes automotive for agriculture, heavy industry and marine, even food-safe maintenance products.

  • Tried and tested
  • Newly refined technology
  • Powerful in its performance
  • Outstanding quality
  • Fast, clean and user friendly


Ensure that you are able to fully maintain vehicles with TUNAP’s car fuel system protection products and valve system cleaners.

engine maintenance products - 128 Special Solvent

128 Special Solvent


Innovative special dissolver with effective rust converter effect for loosening vehicle components that have seized due to corrosion, e.g. injectors and rims on the wheel hub. Contents: 300ml Article Number:...

engine maintenance cleaner online - 121 Adhesive Lubricant

121 Adhesive Lubricant

400 ml

Multifunctional, free-flowing high-performance lubricant with adhesive quality. The high-pressure resistant lubricating film reliably protects against wear and corrosion. The lubricating film does not spin off, even on turning or rotating...

118 Leak Detector Compressed Air

118 Leak Detector Compressed Air

400 ml

Testing foam for the detection of leaking sections, micro-leakages and hair cracks. Suitable for all pressurized pipe sections (compressed air, burnable gases), pressurized containers, compression facilities, compressed air braking systems...

engine maintenance cleaning products - 114 Brake Protection

114 Brake Protection

400 ml

2-in-1 rust protection spray for brake systems. Protects brake callipers and brake discs against rust formation during prolonged idle periods. Leaves a protective layer to make your car look brand...

engine maintenance cleaning products - 103 Penetrating Oil

103 Penetrating Oil

400 ML

Extremely fast rust removal with the highest creep properties and lubricating effect. MoS2 particles ensure maximum reliability in preventing repeat blockages. Loosens corroded and oxidised screw and plug connections in...

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