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EGR valve and car intake valve system cleaner

TUNAP’s exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve cleaner dissolves dirt in a way that is fair value and clever. Our products are also highly effective for cleaning car exhaust systems, air intake systems, and intake valves.

With the new TUNAP XGel Cleaning Technology, carbon-based contamination on the EGR valves and in the intake and exhaust system can be quickly removed sustainably, inexpensively and without waiting for new parts.

  • Ideal for cleaning smaller components such as EGR valves
  • Cleansing gel with a short exposure time
  • The components are cleaned in around 15 minutes and can then be reinstalled
  • Very good surface wetting with visualiser
  • Excellent drainage behaviour


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926 Carbon Remover

200 ml

The unique XGel technology dissolves carbon contamination extremely quickly. The outstanding surface adhesion and coating properties ensure a very short penetration time and excellent dirt removal. Ideal for cleaning components...

EGR valve cleaner - 925 EGR System Cleaner.

925 EGR System Cleaner


The innovative XFoam technology dissolves stubborn contamination in the intake and exhaust gas system extremely quickly. The excellent wetting properties ensure a short penetration time, extremely good dirt removal and...

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