Valve cleaning by using car valve system cleaner.

Clean valves without dismantling

Effectively maintain car valves without needing to take them apart with effective cleaning products and cleaning granulate.

TUNAP Australia offers specialised products for heavy machinery that extend engine life and improve efficiency.

  • Quick and easy valve cleaning without removing the cylinder head
  • Material-friendly cleaning, surfaces are not attacked
  • 70% time savings through cleaning without dismantling
  • Around¬†$2000 AUD¬†cost savings for end customers
  • Health-friendly valve clean technology, without allergy triggers
  • Optimal cleaning result


When it comes to EGR system and car pollen filter cleaning, you can trust that TUNAP’s products can take care of it.

Car Valve System Cleaning products - 936 Neutralisation Solution.

936 Neutralisation Solution

200 ml

Neutralisation solution for 933 valve cleaning granulate. Quickly and reliably dissolves remaining particulate of the cleaning granulate in the valve area, so that no integral elements get into the combustion...

Buy Car Valve System cleaner online - 13400 Valve Clean System.

13400 Valve Clean System


Special cleaning tool for valves and surrounding ducts. Fast, material-conserving cleaning thanks to the special 933 valve cleaning granulate. With the 936 neutralisation solution, residual particles of the granulate are...

Car Valve System cleaner - 933 Valve Clean Granulate.

933 Valve Clean Granulate


Special cleaning granulate for inlet and outlet valves and the surrounding ducts. Fast, effective and material-conserving cleaning thanks to the specific granulate grain size and geometry. Contents: 1L Article Number:...

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