Car Valve System Cleaning products - 936 Neutralisation Solution.

936 Neutralisation Solution

Neutralisation solution for 933 valve cleaning granulate. Quickly and reliably dissolves remaining particulate of the cleaning granulate in the valve area, so that no integral elements get into the combustion chamber.

Contents: 200 ml

Article Number: 1103684

Packaging Unit: 12 PCS

 Material Safety Data Sheet

Required accessories

Valve Clean Granulate, 1 l
12 PCS

Valve Clean System, 0


  • Specially designed for 933 valve cleaning granulate
  • Simple and reliable application
  • No hazardous materials
  • Does not contain allergenic ingredients
  • No hazard labelling (hazard symbols, hazard text)

Application area

  • After cleaning inlet valves and inlet channels with 933 valve cleaning granulate and 13400 Valve Clean System
  • For neutralising and to dissolve the remaining particulate of the 933 valve cleaning granulate


Spray neutralisation solution into the intake channel in the direction of the valves. Then cover the intake channel with a cloth and extract or blow out liquid.


1 can of 936 neutralisation solution (200 ml) is sufficient for up to 3 vehicles.


After cleaning we recommend the regular use of 974 Injector Direct Protection Petrol or 984 Injector Direct Protection Diesel.

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