Dynamic engine cleaning products

TUNAP Australia is a leader in the research, development, and production of sustainable solutions for the automotive world. We aim to combine effectiveness, innovation, and safety in our wide range of dynamic engine cleaning products.

We pride ourselves in:

  • Exceptional products
  • Extensive knowledge in automotive engine care
  • Efficient and reliable service
  • Safety, especially when using our products

It is essential that our products are developed with the natural environment where we live and work in mind. We also give the utmost importance to the health and safety of those who work in the automotive industry.

TUNAP currently supports and supplies to independent workshops and OEM networks, as well as heavy industry, transport, excavation, and marine businesses. All TUNAP products are designed to provide benefits to the end customer.

Why choose TUNAP?
Car-engine-icon-whitePrevent engine damage
Overheating-repairs-icon-whiteAvoid costly repairs
Safe-icon-whiteSafe and easy to use
Sustainable-icon-whiteSustainable and environmentally friendly