Engine interior and oil system cleaning products

TUNAP’s engine interior and oil system cleaning products are a vehicle’s protection against expensive breakdowns.

TUNAP Microflex® technology reliably dissolves dirt and sludge residue when changing oil. It is one of the efficacious and client-friendly TUNAP oil system solutions.

  • Formula free of VOC (solvent)
  • Contains no chlorine
  • Contains no phosphates
  • Contains no nitrates
  • Contains no heavy metals


If you’re looking for an effective car AC system cleaner or daily maintenance products, look no further. TUNAP has got you covered.


153 Manual Gearbox System

124 ml

Long-term protection for gearbox oils. Can extend the gearbox service life. Promotes quiet, smooth running and exact shifting. Contents: 124 ml Article Number: 1102290 Packaging Unit: 12 PCS

957 Engine Interior Cleaner

957 Engine Interior Cleaner

400 ml

TÜV-approved, solvent-free cleaner based on a high-quality, low-viscosity oil with high-performance cleaning agents. The cleaner protects the new engine oil against contamination from used oil residues. Contents: 400 ml Article...

engine oil system cleaner online - 955 Oil System Protection BN

955 Oil System Protection BN

300 ml

Innovative motor oil additive with nanostructural alpha-BN. Restores the surface of components in engines, thus compensating for increasing wear. Reduces noise and fuel consumption. Improves the corrosion protection provided by...

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