Tunap building, where dynamic engine cleaning products are made.

About TUNAP Australia

Established in 1972 in Germany, today TUNAP is present in about fifty countries in Europe, America and Asia and employs over eight hundred people, with an annual turnover of over 240 million euros.

TUNAP develops sustainable solutions for cleaning, protection and care in various sectors such as commercial, automotive, fleet, heavy vehicle, marine and agricultural.

Strong environmental focus

With a strong environmental focus and TUNAP’s research and development, our mission is to support Australian businesses and to supply a range of products to the automotive industry that are safe, effective and affordable.

Why choose us?

Our industry experience spanning back from 1972 allows our team to continually provide excellent and confident technical service advice and mechanical expertise.

We strive to provide honest services to our clients with evidence-based information on products that are suited for their business and clients’ needs. Our products are also sustainable – part of our commitment to contributing to a healthy and safe environment.

We believe it is essential to build trust in our industry partnerships. Our many clients can account for the reliable, honest, and trustworthy service we provide. When we make a commitment to a client, they become our priority and we give importance to delivering according to agreed schedules. We are always efficient, responsible, and accountable, and we respect the people we work with.

Man smiling holding dynamic engine cleaning products from Tunap.
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