Car Valve System cleaner - 933 Valve Clean Granulate.

933 Valve Clean Granulate

Special cleaning granulate for inlet and outlet valves and the surrounding ducts. Fast, effective and material-conserving cleaning thanks to the specific granulate grain size and geometry.

Contents: 1L

Article Number: 1103683

Packaging Unit: 12 PCS

 Material Safety Data Sheet

Required accessories

Valve Clean Granulate, 1 l
12 PCS

Valve Clean System, 0


  • Effective cleaning thanks to the granulate adjusted to the type of contamination
  • Specific grain size — ensures consistent product quality
  • Specific geometry — no sharp-edged or compressing properties, therefore no abrasion, wear or damage to the respective surface structure
  • Simple and reliable application — with 936 neutralisation solution residual particles of the granulate can be broken down
  • Not a hazardous good
  • No hazard labelling (hazard symbols, hazard warnings)

Application area

  • For cleaning inlet valves and inlet ducts
  • For cleaning outlet valves and outlet ducts


Use with cleaning tool TUNAP 13400V1 Valve Clean System. Refer to SI 933 before use!


For 1 vehicle (4 cylinder), 2 cans of 933 valve cleaning granulate are required. 1 can of 936 neutralisation solution is sufficient for up to 3 vehicles.


After cleaning we recommend the regular use of 974 system agent concentrate petrol or 984 system agent concentrate diesel.

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