engine maintenance cleaning products - 103 Penetrating Oil

103 Penetrating Oil

Extremely fast rust removal with the highest creep properties and lubricating effect. MoS2 particles ensure maximum reliability in preventing repeat blockages. Loosens corroded and oxidised screw and plug connections in seconds.

Contents: 400 ML

Article Number: 1101050

Packaging Unit: 12 PCS

 Material Safety Data Sheet


  • Loosens oxidised screw and plug connections in seconds
  • Extreme creep effect
  • With MoS2 particles for the greatest reliability against blockages
  • Extremely high lubricating effect, therefore also highly reliable during dismantling
  • Also effective in the higher temperature range
  • Highly effective even on light alloy and non-ferrous metals

Application area

  • Fast dismantling of screws, bolts, tie rods, etc. that have rusted in place
  • Makes joints movable


Spray parts to be loosened until saturated and loosen them.

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