985 Fuel Guard System Protection

Reliably removes organic contaminants in diesel and bio-diesel fuels and prevents recontamination. Tested according to ASTM E 1259-10 and EN 15457:2014-11. Also contains cetane number boosters, antioxidants and corrosion protection.

Contents: 500 ml

Article Number: 1106152

Packaging Unit: 12 PCS

Patent pending

  • Patent pending


  • Reliably removes biological contaminants
  • Prevents recontamination
  • Tested according to ASTM E 1259-10 and EN 15457:2014-11
  • Stabilises fuel quality using antioxidants
  • Ensures optimum engine performance thanks to a cetane booster
  • Protects metallic components in the fuel system using corrosion protection inhibitors
  • Low toxicity: Contains no carcinogenic or mutagenic ingredients and no ingredients that are toxic for reproduction

Application area

  • Diesel engines
  • Diesel systems in ships
  • Standing units
  • Home tank systems with a long storage time


If organic contaminants are present in the fuel systems, clean thoroughly and use a shock dosage of the product. Use regularly to prevent the formation of micro-organisms in the fuel.


Preventative use:
500 ml for 2000 litres
5 litres for 20,000 litres

Shock dosing:
500 ml for 250 litres
5 litres for 2,500 litres

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