car fuel system cleaning products - 989 Injector Direct Cleaner.

989 Injector Direct Cleaner

Reliably cleans injectors with ROA2 technology in the event of fuel-related deposits. When used at every inspection, the Injector Direct Cleaner provides enhanced performance and significantly reduced exhaust emissions. When added to the fuel tank, the fuel is proven to remain within the DIN EN 590 fuel standard.

Contents: 300 ML

Weight of content: 0.255 kg

Article Number: 11AMF98900300A

Packaging Unit: 12 PCS

 Material Safety Data Sheet

Additional accessory

Diesel Fuelling Hose Filler Neck

ROA2 (Reactive Organic Amines) technology

  • Deposits on injectors are broken down and cleaned away
  • Excellent dissolution properties in all (bio-)diesel mixtures
  • ROA2 level 2: Ideal for heavy contamination


  • Returns fuel consumption and emission values in the presence of fuel-related soiling to the levels expected of new vehicles
  • Improves combustion, thereby reducing particulate emissions (Euro 6)
  • The active ingredient is activated and works directly in the injection and combustion chamber area
  • Suitable for all (bio)diesel mixtures

Application area

  • For all common-rail and pump-nozzle systems
  • For safe guarding general fuel quality
  • Suitable for all (bio)diesel mixtures
  • For uneven engine performance or loss of power


Add Injector Direct Cleaner directly into the fuel tank. Use the filler neck to do so. Sufficient for up to 80 litres of fuel. Lower filling volumes improve cleaning performance. Suitable for all bio-diesel mixtures (EURO 6).


Use as part of the vehicle’s annual service.

  • 300 ml: Sufficient for up to 80 l of fuel (min. 10 l of fuel)
  • 500ml: Sufficient for up to 150 l of fuel (min. 20 l of fuel)
  • 950ml: Sufficient for up to 300 l of fuel (min. 30 l of fuel)


Improves combustion and thus reduces particulate emissions (Euro 6). Suitable for all bio-diesel mixtures.

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